What To Expect

The program consists of 9 in-person group sessions.  The orientation session will introduce the MBSR program and the relevance of mindfulness in the nonprofit workplace, and will give participants from different organizations a chance to meet each other before the 8 weekly classes begin.

Participants will then attend 8 weekly sessions, two and half hours each, where they will learn and practice mindfulness techniques and participate in group discussions.  The techniques will include mindfulness meditation and mindful body movement (think of gentle yoga).  Other similar techniques will be introduced that will help develop participants' ability to notice and observe thoughts, emotions, and sensations as they arise.  Frameworks for understanding stress and how we can change our relationship to it will be part of the program.  No previous experience in any of these areas is needed.  

Between the 6th and the 7th week, there will be a day-long retreat where participants will have an opportunity to strengthen their practice further.

The MBSR program relies heavily on active and experiential learning, and as such, participants will be given home practice assignments.  The home practice is an important part of program participation.

The setting for the classes and the day long retreat will be comfortable and safe.  It's crucial to highlight that information shared in all sessions will remain confidential.

If you are interested in participating or learning more about how your organization can participate, please contact us.