The Mindful Nonprofit Roadmap

Perhaps you are a forward thinking staff member who already knows something about the benefits of a mindfulness practice and are starting to see how your colleagues and your organization might also benefit. Perhaps you are the leader of an organization interested in exploring how these tools and techniques might enhance other bold initiatives that are already underway. Perhaps you're responsible for workplace health or professional development and you've heard that mindfulness can be a cost effective method to not only improve the health of your employees, but also increase their creativity and productivity. 

The following roadmap invites you to consider a 4 step process for incorporating mindfulness into your organization.


Step 1: Introduction to Mindfulness

This first step is for key staff members to learn more about mindfulness and consider some of the opportunities where mindfulness might benefit their organization.  

Step 2: The 8-Week MBSR Program

The core of the Mindful Nonprofit Initiative is an 8-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program, where participants learn techniques to manage stress more effectively, regulate emotion, and enhance their relationships and communication with coworkers.



Step 3: Practical Integration

After completing the MBSR program, staff can begin to focus their skills on specific situations in the workplace that tend to be problematic and stressful. Clinics and consultations are offered on email communication, project management, meetings, workplace health, and more.

Step 4: Tune-ups and Refreshers

Becoming a Mindful Nonprofit is an ongoing practice.  Organizations will benefit from occasional workshops and clinics to support the continued integration of mindfulness into the workplace.  Training and support for new employees is also provided.