Tim Blair: Founder and Facilitator

Tim Blair is the founder of The Mindful Nonprofit Institute and facilitates the eight week program.  Tim is a systems design consultant for nonprofit organizations and is an MBSR teacher with his Teacher Qualification from UC San Diego's Mindfulness Based Professional Training Institute (MBPTI). Tim has completed MBPTI's MBSR Teacher Training Program and the Advanced Teacher Training Program.  In addition to his role in the Mindful Nonprofit Institute, Tim regularly teaches the 8-Week MBSR Program to the general public at MaineHealth in Scarborough.

Tim has focused exclusively on work with nonprofits and foundations for over 17 years.  This work has brought him inside conservation organizations, social service organizations, and educational institutions allowing him a deep understanding of the challenges faced by people who work in nonprofits.  It is this understanding combined with his training in mindfulness that has inspired him to bring this practice to the nonprofit sector.