Home Practice - MNPI Winter 2019

Week 6

  • Sitting meditation practice (the 30 minute version).  Alternate this practice with either the body scan or the yoga practice x 6 days.

  • Bringing awareness to how you take care of the body/mind; what you choose to listen to through radio, TV, the internet, movies; reading materials, food, etc. 

  • Bring awareness to moments of being with other people and how you are relating to them.  Is it possible to extend kindness towards people you know and people you don’t know as well as towards yourself? 

  • Record your observations in the practice log.

Week 5

  • New: Sitting meditation practice. Alternate this practice with either the body scan or the yoga practice x 6 days.
    Play or Download the New 30 Minute Sitting Meditation Audio Here (16 MB MP3 File)
    Yoga and Body Scan Audio links available below in previous week’s practice.

  • Complete the Awareness of Difficult Communications Calendar

  • Bring awareness to moments of reactivity, exploring them and using the breath to slow things down before responding if possible. If not, then noticing being caught in a reactive moment and seeing if it is at all possible even though one is in the middle of it all, to offer a mindful response.

  • Return the midway assessment if you haven’t already

  • Reminder: Our retreat is this Saturday, March 9th, at Chewonki. Please arrive at 8:45 AM. More details will be provided by email.

Week 4

  • Alternate Body Scan with Mindful Yoga (any combination of lying down and standing postures for 35 minutes) x 6 days

  • Sitting meditation practice: mindfulness of the breath for 20 minutes x 6 days

  • During the week be aware of stress reactions including physical sensations that accompany them without trying to change them.  Notice feeling stuck, blocking, avoiding, shutting off from experience.  Notice being on automatic pilot.

Week 3

Week 2

Week 1